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Terms and Conditions


Rates published on the website are valued per night’s stay.

Rates promotional or special sprees are valid only when booking online

The published prices are in Mexican pesos (MXN).

All rate includes VAT and tourist taxes as well as government taxes.

Rates subject to change without notice.


Reservations are considered to be confirmed only with a Guarantee Deposit.

Subsequently email us the file of the scanned deposit.


Check-in or check-in time from 15:00 hrs.

Check-out or departure time is at 12:00 hrs.

Outputs after 13:00 hrs. will be subject to a charge equivalent to half a day’s Stay.

Outputs after 20:00 hrs an additional night’s accommodation will be charged.

In if the guest wants to enter the room sooner equivalent to half a day’s stay.

Deposit Guarantee

It requires a deposit equivalent to one night’s stay, will be charged to the when you make your reservation. The remaining balance must be settled directly at the hotel, on the day of your arrival.

To Check-in, id with issued photo id is required by the government and a credit card or cash deposit to cover additional charges.

Changes, Cancellations AND No-Show Policy

Confirmation change to a reservation is subject to room availability.

Any cancelled or modified booking 7 days or less prior to arrival generate a one night’s penalty plus taxes and services.

Quotas cancellation are determined according to season:

Season Registration: 30 days prior are subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to 50 total lodging, for each room reserved.

Season Low: 7 days prior are subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to one night of lodging.

Our Seasons

Seasons for reservations are:

Season High

12 – 28 Abril 2019

12 – 31 Julio 2019

25 Octubre – 04 Noviembre 2019

20 Diciembre 2019 – 04 Enero 2020

Season Low

Rest of the year

Minimum Stays

Season Low: 1 night

Season High: 3 nights


No you are allowed to enter the Hotel with the following:

Pillows sheets, duvets or other bedding.

Devices electrical and/or heating and/or cooking equipment.

Hotels Guivá reserves the right to remove and/or confiscate any of the items mentioned if you are inside any room so without notice and to charge you for the costs incurred to take measure.

Behavior Of the Guest

It is expected to behave in an orderly and acceptable manner at all times and not disturb the enjoy of other Guests. We reserve the right to immediately terminate your booking and the reservation of your group members if we (reasonably act) to treat your conduct as a violation of this clause.

The conduct that we consider reasonably inappropriate include, but is not limit to:

Levels noise or disturbance.

State drunkenness or unruly behavior.

Any behavior that seems offensive to other Guests or collaborators.

In we will always act reasonable in making any determination under clause.

In if we cancel your reservation, you will be forced to leave your accommodation immediately. You will be responsible for any damage or loss caused by you or a member of your group. The total payment for any damage or loss must be paid before your departure. If you can’t make the payment, you will be responsible for the fulfillment of any claims (including costs later conducted against us as a result of their actions along with all the expenses we incur in the search for any lawsuit against him.

Our obligations to you culminate when the reservation is terminated. We won’t have any obligation to refund for lost accommodation and we are not responsible for the costs or costs incurred as a result of the Completion.

Policies Privacy


Hotels Guivá collects information from our guests and visitors our websites in order to be able to offer them a usefulness of our sites that meet your needs. Information may be collected paraca: (i) complete reservations or requests for information, (ii) buy products or services, (iii) register for partner programs, (iv) send (v) respond to communications we send you (by survey, promotional offers or booking confirmations), (vi) satisfy your personal preferences, (vii) complete requests for services or recommendations we offer you, (viii) working with third parties, even collecting public-use information from event websites help us better understand their interests and provide more service (ix) use our applications on their electronic equipment, or (x) facilitate the transmission of messages to a friend’s email, if you wish.

The the type of personal information we collect may include your name, your personal and professional address as well as email addresses, telephone and fax numbers, credit card information, sex and information related to your lifestyle, such as example room preferences, recreational activities, names and ages children and any other information that is useful to satisfy children special requests (e.g. certain health conditions that require accommodation in a special room).

Have in note that, in order to better protect your information, you should not include information related to your credit card in your electronic communication unless we specifically request to complete the processing of a booking or a transaction on our brand websites or on our customer service centers.

Collection AND USE

Hotels Guivá is fully committed to providing you with information related to collection and use of the people who provide us with the people who visit and use our websites, products and services. As a practice, we do not request information unless it is necessary or intend to use it.


In in most cases, the information you provide to us is incorporated to our database. As a standard practice, Hoteles Guivá does not sell, rents or grants physical possession of its database to third parties not belonging to our chain. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may disclose your personal data to others in the situations indicated to others Then:

When we have your consent.

In situations in which it is necessary to transfer your personal data with the to provide you with the products or services you want (for example, a package holiday).

In the assumption that Hoteles Guivá is merged or acquired by another company.

paraca comply with legal or regulatory requirements and obligations applicable law or as a result of an order or subpoena Judicial.

In emergencies such as saving life, preserving health or of a person.

In the assumption that the information is shared in the terms indicated we will try to limit the scope of the data provided to the necessary to perform the specific function. Except that a exclude stake, we will ask third parties to protect their comply with data protection laws and regulations applicable personal character.


As part of our commitment to keep you informed, we can send you correspondence or emails, communicate by phone or by any other means to notify you of new products and services, in addition to upcoming special offers, events, upgrades or other information relevant that may be of interest to you.

In some cases, your consent may be considered implicit by nature requested service or for the transaction made. As an example, it will be able to collect and use the information you voluntarily provide to us, as well as data relating to behaviour or information collected from global. You will also be deemed to have lent us your consent to receive communications that are necessary to receive transact and provide the requested services.


Hotels Guivá recognizes the importance of information security and constantly reviews and improves safety standards and procedures technique, physics and logic. All websites and servers owned by Guiva Hotels apply security measures to help protect your information accidents, losses, misuse, illegal or unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration while under our control. Despite the that there is no ‘guaranteed security’ on or off the Internet, we we protect your information using technical security measures, appropriate administrative and procedural proceedings.


In in case of doubts or suggestions regarding the privacy practices of the regarding this Privacy Statement, or if you wish to update, modify or cancel marketing communications by guiva Hotels, you can contact us through any of the the following forms:

By Email


By phone:

01 951 144 83 58


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